Tuesday, June 9, 2009


is here and I am SO glad!! I feel so blessed to have just a little more time in the day and much more time to spend with my wonderful kiddos. I am reading several different things - just finished Three Cups of Tea about Greg Mortenson, as well as Anne Rice's novels about the life of Jesus. I can't wait for the next installment in Rice's series, but in the meantime I am reading The Catholic Vision for Leading Like Jesus as well as one of JD Robb's latest paperback (surprised me that it had Catholics in it, lol). I am planning for a busy couple of weeks coming up. Next week is Duncan's first Boy Scout activity - he and I, the brave parent volunteer (I guess I won't EVER learn to say no, Poppa) are going to day camp in McKenzie tues, wed, thur, and fri. Then, wed, thur, and fri evenings the fabulous Holy Cross VBS (ya'll come now, ya here?) which I think is going to be a LOT of fun, will be under way. July brings lots of fun for us with the Catholic Youth Conference in St. Louis, our nephew's wedding and a trip to Houston, and the Bosco Conference which I am SOOOOOOOO thrilled to be attending this year. I really feel like this summer is going to be such a great learning experience for me and full of fun for the kiddos. The weather has been so great - not too hot (yet) and not too rainy. My Dad is home and we are loving the extra time that we get to spend with him. I am just SO blessed.
Love you guys!!

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